Is it worth building differently? Prefab houses as an alternative to traditional housing

Building in a conscious, modern and environmentally-friendly way. Prefabricated houses are becoming more and more popular.

The bright future of modern housing: prefab houses, low-energy houses, passive houses

There are many challenges architects are facing nowadays. The houses they design should be sturdy, functional, visually attractive and, last but not least, in line with current trends.

More and more often the concept of building traditional houses is abandoned for the sake of modern solutions using innovative technologies. Significant differences can be noticed when comparing the houses built nowadays with the ones constructed several years ago, namely the use of high quality construction materials and the innovative architectural techniques. Thus, we may choose from prefab houses, low-energy houses and passive houses.

Quick, comfortable, functional– prefab house, a perfect solution for busy lifestyle

The concept of a prefab house is becoming increasingly popular in Poland. The technology consists in manufacturing components, like walls or roof panels, which are then delivered as semi-finished products and assembled on-site.

There is an increasing number of enthusiasts of  prefabrication technology – especially among those not willing to wait years to have their dream house built, as it is usually the case of a traditional house.

High quality and durability guaranteed

The components of a prefab house, e.g. walls and ceilings, are created in a production hall, which significantly speeds up the construction process.  High-class production machinery ensures the precision in manufacturing the semi-finished products which undergo rigorous quality assessment before leaving the plant.

Time savings

It takes up to several days to manufacture the semi-finished components and up to 7 days to assemble them. It is a rapid pace compared with roughly 2-year process of building a traditional house. Thus, such technology is becoming increasingly popular.

Time savings, investor’s comfort, high standards of energy efficiency combined with respect for environmental norms and the top-class modern construction technologies guaranteeing quality and durability – these are the essential concepts of module prefab housing.

”Turn-key” in six months? It is possible!

Another undeniable advantage is the fact that the adverse weather conditions, such as rain or snow, do not affect the manufacturing process of a prefab house. As already mentioned, most of the manufacturing process takes place in a plant, thus the on-site works are limited to the absolute minimum. Therefore, it is possible to assemble the components even in the adverse weather conditions.

It is assumed that a house is constructed in a raw state within 3 months from commencing the investment and finishing it in a “turn-key” standard requires 3 more months.  As a result, it takes six months for us to enjoy our own, modern house.

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