Office building

Office and warehouse complex in Szczecinek, Poland

Buildings: 1
Total usable area: 557.40 sqm
Build-up area: 638.35 sqm
Building height: 5.30 m
Roof slope: 5%
Time: 2015-2016

“Combining several blocks with simple shapes”

Office and warehouse complex was formed by combining several blocks with simple shapes. Such a building configuration naturally separates functional spaces, dividing them into office and warehouse areas. The concept of the design meets every customer’s needs.

– Łukasz, Chief Architect

Office building plan:

Ground floor

No. Room Usabele Area (sqm)
0.01 Corridor 123.3
0.02 Lecture hall 1 94.4
0.03 Lecture hall 2 49.1
0.04 Lecture hall 3 43.0
0.05 Lecture hall 4 43.1
0.06 Lecture hall 5 43.0
0.07 Ladies toilet 11.6
0.08 Gents toilet 16.6
0.09 Storeroom 3.7
0.10 Toilet for disabled 6.2
0.11 Kitchen 17.3
0.12 Utility room 4.0
0.13 Office 36.4
0.14 Lecture hall 6 64.8

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