“Residential development project in Kristinehamn, Sweden”

Buildings: 11 terraced houses
Total usable area: 1424.27 sqm
Time: from 2015-2017

Exterior & interior:


Usable area: 129.52 sqm
Build-up area: 109.91 sqm
Building height: 7.67 m
Roof slope: 2%

“Comfortable and easy living”

In Kristinehamn (Sweden), near Vänern, the biggest Swedish lake, we have built 11 modern and low-energy terraced houses designed both for families with children and for elderly people who want a comfortable and easy living. This housing estate is surrounded by a beautiful, green landscape with direct access to the water.

– Łukasz, Chief Architect

House plan example:

Ground floor

No. Room Usabele Area (sqm)
0.01 Hall 10.0
0.02 Utility room 1 1.7
0.03 Laundry / boiler room 5.3
0.04 Bathroom 1 4.6
0.05 Kitchen 13.9
0.06 Living room 18.4
0.07 Bedroom 1 8.2
G.01 Garage 15.2
G.02 Utility room 2 7.1

First floor

No. Room Usabele Area (sqm)
1.01 Corridor 9.2
1.02 Bedroom 2 15.2
1.03 Bathroom 2 4.6
1.04 Bedroom 3 13.6
1.05 Closet 5.8
1.06 Family room 18.3

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