“Impressive minimalism”

Area: Rooms:
162.0 sqm 3-4


Exterior & interior:

Info – house:

Usable area (2+2): 162.0 sqm
Usable area (2+3): 160.0 sqm
Build-up area: 200.0 sqm
Building height: 3.6 m
Roof slope: 2%
Min. plot dimensions: 21.0 x 25.0 m
Total no. of rooms (2+2): 4 (3 bedrooms)
Total no. of rooms (2+3): 5 (4 bedrooms)

“Impressive minimalism”

H7 is a modern, functionally designed, single-strorey, flat-roofed house. Architectural minimalism has been altered thanks to the integrating chamfers of the building edges and interesting arrangement of the facade. The interior of the house is also worth mentioning – open, very ample living area, making it possible to spend time actively with your family or friends. Four bedrooms provide the whole family with space necessary to regenerate and rest.

– Łukasz, Chief Architect

House plan example:

Ground Floor

No. Room Usable Area (sqm)
0.01 Living & dining room 63.0
0.02 Kitchen 14.5
0.03 Laundry / boiler room 8.1
0.04 Bedroom 1 13.4
0.05 Bedroom 2 11.7
0.06 Bedroom 3 18.0
0.07 Toilet 1.8
0.08 Bathroom 1 5.0
0.09 Bathroom 2 6.2
0.10 Closet 4.8
0.11 Corridor 6.2
0.12 Hall 8.5

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