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Imagine living in a comfortable, modern house with no cold draughts, temperature changes in different rooms, and – most importantly – practically no need to heat or cool down. How about making it possible to fully control all the house systems from any place round the world? Do you think it is just a dream? Not really. This is what an Eco Smart house is like.

Passive house is a good foundation for an intelligent home

Speaking of intelligent home, we tend to forget the system controlling house appliances is not enough. The foundation is a well designed and constructed building, providing comfortable conditions in terms of space, temperature, access to light and safety.  Passive and energy-efficient houses are a good foundation to create smart home.

Passive houses are heated mainly by the sun. This is possible due to adopting appropriate principles at the stage of design and construction of the house itself. Thus, their demand for heat is so low, it is no longer necessary to install the traditional heating system. Passive houses use electricity for elements like lightning and all type of appliances but in most cases they do not require any additional source of heat apart from the sun and the energy generated by house appliances and inhabitants.

Thanks to energy-efficient appliances and alternative sources of energy such as solar panels and wind turbines, many passive house owners may power their houses without the necessity to cooperate with energy suppliers or with a very small contribution on their part. Combining passive house construction technology with the possibility to control the system and appliances in a centralized manner allows to maintain full control over the expenses and safety of the whole family.

Intelligent home in KNX standard

When creating intelligent installations in our homes we use a global, open KNX standard which allows full integration of all the appliances installed in the building.  Opting for this standard guarantees reliability and experience of the biggest world companies.

Modern houses are being equipped with an increasing number of appliances and installations, requiring their users having extensive knowledge. Yet the houses should be user-friendly. Thus, the control system operating all installations in the building is essentially important. It is this system, what makes an intelligent home.

Smart home in KNX standard

“Central operating system allows for comfortable use of pre-set functions and may react to the changes of the ambient both inside and outside, which definitely affects the functionality, comfort, safety and operational costs. – says Tomasz Wieczorek, the President of Inlogic.”

  • LIGHTING Control the lighting in every room and create scenarios, e.g. for different time of day or your absence in the intelligent home.
  • SHUTTERS Easy and comfortable use of shutters and blinds. Additionally, the system enables connection with a twilight and temperature sensors outside.
  • VENTILATION Comfortable air inside smart home, regardless the conditions and time of day. No need to open the windows to get some fresh air, no risk of exposing your family to harmful allergens in the air.
  • TEMPERATURE Full control over the heating system. You can adjust the room temperature to the weather conditions and the hours you actually spend in the intelligent home.
  • HOME NETWORK Control the whole system installed in the intelligent home with an internet browser from wherever you like, on any device.

Eco Smart intelligent homes

Regardless of the house you dream of, some values never change – safety, comfort of usage, cost-efficiency, durability of materials and appliances. Our Eco Smart fulfil the strictest norms for minimum efficiency and combine all attributes of a comfortable building, simultaneously protecting the natural environment. No matter where – at home, work or travel, all systems are under control, at hand. You can adjust the settings from any place in the world via computer, tablet or a smart phone.

Welcome to the 21st century.

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