“One of the best decisions of my life”

– H3G house in Kłodawa, Poland

„Building a house is building a future ”

That is why we decided to go for EcoReadyHouse – the house provides a high level of comfort to our family and adapts to our functional needs. Moreover, the use of proven solutions and reliable materials guarantees high standards and feeling of security for many years to come.

We were looking for something simple and classic, with a modern look and, at the same time, functional interior. EcoReadyHouse fulfilled our expectations in terms of time and quality of execution. Energy performance of the building is added value of the whole investment.

– Ewa, H1 house in Stargard, Poland

„We were positively suprised by the energy costs”

We chose EcoReadyHouse as we were looking for a low-energy house with a classic body and a long-term warranty. Top class technology and materials convinced us that we have chosen the right company.

– Anna, house H4 in Kobylanka, Poland

„Unique design”

Minimalistic design is a distinctive feature of EcoReadyHouse. Exceptionally functional interiors, high glazings and impressive terrace on the sunny side give the impression of true aesthetic comfort and are a perfect solution for our family. A single contractor and high quality materials are the undeniable advantage of the offer.

– Łukasz, H17 house in Stargard, Poland

“For those with no time on their hands”

ERH is a perfect contractor for busy investors. Complex services allow to build a house without compromising professional and private life. All stages of cooperation with the company run smoothly and are executed with utmost care. I feel like selling this house once it is built and start building all over again.

– Piotr, H5 house in Chorzów, Poland

„A dream come true”

EcoRedyHouse portfolio offers the designs me and my husband have always dreamt of. Simple body and interesting house design, high-quality natural materials, the space well-adjusted to our needs, extremely diligent execution.

“It’s so cool!”

We love our house because it has a wonderful modern architecture, openness, space, and a great quality.

– Amie, H8 house in Trosa, Sweden

“Frankly speaking – I would never change this house for any other”

– Agnieszka, H3G house in Kłodawa, Poland

“Always love the loved ones”#ERHmoments

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We design and build smart, low-energy houses with a unique style..– Bartłomiej Szejny, FOUNDER, CCO