“A happy life begins at a well-built home.”

„We live in a modern

A world, where your house is more than just a roof over your head.
Your home is an extension of your personality, your values and interests. A happy life begins at a well-built home.

We use proven technology in building our houses, which provides a comfortable and eco-friendly lifestyle for homeowners. Also, while improving the quality of people’s lives, we do our best to make a positive impact on the environment.

– Bartłomiej Szejny, Founder, CCO

„Our goal is to help our customers realise their dreams about a perfect house and continue to dream.”

The reason why:


Our houses are eco

They are low energy which means they are designed to use as little energy as possible and to gain as much energy as possible from the environment.

Living in our houses you will spend 8 times less money on heating the house per year than in a traditional house.

The reason why:


Our houses are smart

You can control the entire system installed in your house using a smartphone or tablet, even from the other side of the world.

The reason why:


Construction in short time

Owing to our technology and the fact that we control the whole building process, we can build your house fast — between 3 to 6 months.

The reason why:


Unique design

Outside appearance — a simple shape with an interesting façade. Inside — unique and highly functional space. In EcoReadyHouse, we create modern houses that definitely stand out from typical urban architecture.

The reason why:


The one and only partner

From the very beginning when we sketch your dream house, until the very end, when we hand you the keys to it, you work only with us. The entire process is under constant supervision of our specialists - architects, bulding constructors, technologists and site managers.

ERH in numbers

0 years
of warranty for all our houses. You can sleep safe.
0 +
houses build in Sweden, Poland and other countries
0 %
lower energy costs in comparison to a traditional house
0 tonnes
avarage weight of house wall

Six step
production process

All it takes is six simple steps and your new home is ready withing 14 months.


the contract


the project
Month 1


the paperwork
Month 2


the materials
Month 6


starts now
Month 9


Your house
is ready!
Month 14

Three steps production process

With us you can build your dream home in just 3 simple stages
and documentation
We start cooperation
Production and construction
Builder’s finish: 3 months
Turnkey standard: + 2 months
Your home
is ready!
You can move in!


We care about all of our projects – from the very beginning, to the finish, our specialist put all their attention to ensure the quality of your future home.

“Beauty is simple”#ERHmoments

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We design and build smart, low-energy houses with a unique style..– Bartłomiej Szejny, FOUNDER, CCO