Ecohouse – safe for you and the environment

Ecohouses are safe for the environment and comfortable for the residents.

Frankly speaking, not many of us take environmental issues under consideration when planning to build a house. We focus on the aspects most important for us – such as the length of the construction period or the costs of future maintenance. Yet an ecohouse is not just about natural and biodegradable materials, it also means using renewable energy sources and no harmful substances being released to the atmosphere. This is what we are going to focus on today.

Definition of an ecohouse

The definitions of an ecohouse may differ, depending on different perspective we adopt. It is because we can adopt holistic approach on its impact on the environment or focus on each element used for its construction separately.

The question is, what is more harmful to the environment – a foil inside a house wall, protecting it from moisture, or the smoke escaping the chimney during the heating season? It is crucial to keep the balance in all we do. It is definitely possible to build an ecohouse that would not release harmful substances to the atmosphere, would not require high operating expenses and, at the same time, will be built mainly from natural materials.

Step 1: Choosing construction technology

We recommend technology based on wooden construction in building an ecohouse. Wood coming from certified sources (FSC) and mineral wool acting as insulation are used to build such houses. Thus, the basic construction materials are 100% natural.

Step 2: Choosing energy standard

The next step is choosing energy standard of the building – a passive house or a energy-efficient house will be the best choice. The construction of those buildings is developed in a way facilitating the maximum use of natural heating sources – the sun, heat produced by the residents and home appliances, which later results in lower maintenance costs.

Step 3: Investing in renewable resources

If you want low maintenance costs guaranteed and feel independent of energy suppliers in the future, you should consider investing in renewable sources of energy. A modern heat pump, photovoltaic panels, household sewage treatment systems, grey water recycling system – these are only example of numerous installations that will assure many years of tranquillity and comfort.

It may seem building one ecohouse will not change the situation of our planet, but imagine building hundreds, or even thousands of such houses – then, your decision will have an impact on all the world. The world leaders notice the changes are necessary and introduce more and more global regulations aimed at promoting environmentally-friendly construction. Pursuant to the new EU regulations, following 2020, all newly constructed buildings shall fulfil the requirements of the nearly zero-energy buildings.

You can take this step today.

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