“Future within your reach”

Area: Rooms:
159.0 sqm 5


Info – house:

Usable area: 140.0 sqm
Building height: 9.4 m
Roof slope: 12°

Min. pontoon dimensions: 12.0 x 18.0 m
Total no. of rooms: 5 (2 bedrooms)

“Future within your reach”

Floating Houses are our response to the needs of the European markets that experience problems with the availability of land to build new houses in crowded city centres. This lack of space contributes to an increasingly common concept to build houses on special pontoons moored on rivers or lakes. Our Floating House FH1 is a modern block building with interestingly arranged façade and glazing. In addition to the impressive living space, we added large viewing terraces — the perfect place to spend free time in the company of loved ones or to relax gazing at calming water views.
A Floating House FH1 is a good example of how an idea can appeal to many people and become part of a regular offer.

– Łukasz, Chief Architect

House plan example:

Ground Floor

No. Room Usable Area (sqm)
0.01 Living room & kitchen 43.8
0.02 Boiler room 5.3
0.03 Laundry 5.3
0.04 Relax room 10.0
0.05 Sauna 2.8
0.06 Bathroom 1 2.9
0.07 Bathroom 2 4.6
0.08 Hall 5.8
0.09 Terrace 1 113.0

First Floor

No. Room Usable Area (sqm)
1.01 Bedroom 1 17.1
1.02 Bedroom 2 8.7
1.03 Family room 23.2
1.04 Closet 6.3
1.05 Bathroom 3 6.6
1.06 Corridor 4.4
1.07 Terrace 2 56.3

Second Floor

No. Room Usable Area (sqm)
2.01 Corridor 3.2
2.02 Utility room 9.2
2.03 Terrace 3 65.0

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